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The overall goal of Holistic Vision Canada is to introduce mental health patients or clients who would like to prevent mental illness to the holistic programs and benefits of personalized nutrition and counseling programs with a view to long-term management and healthy lifestyle choices.

Our primary target is to be sourced as an educational resource for mental health professionals, a support for parents, and a lifeline for those suffering from a biochemical condition or mental illness. We offer a complimentary program to regular medical care to help each client gain independence, stability, perspective, and balance.

The counselors assist clients to try a new approach to wellness that includes nutrition, exercise and specialized supplements in addition to current medications. A holistic program includes the healing of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical person and prescribes a treatment based on the cause. 

The keys to success for Holistic Vision Canada are to initiate the following:

  • Change the access of minority groups to nutrition and holistic health counsel
  • Change the financial cost of holistic mental health treatment
  • Change the options mental health patients are given in hospital
  • Change how interventions are conducted including mental health certification
  • Change the rate of suicide in Canada, particularly in the first nations community by offering lifestyle prevention methods, such as returning them to the roots of natural healing
  • Change how healthcare services are offered by establishing the use of holistic teams
  • Change how eating disorders are addressed in treatment by consultation with holistic nutritionist using a whole foods approach
  • Change how nutrition education is offered among youth by establishing the use of The Rainbow Program.

Program Overview

Our overall program is designed for mental health patients who have a naturopath as their primary care physician, and prefer a holistic program which encompasses a more focused, comprehensive approach to recovery or relapse prevention and case management. We offer a team approach where communication between health care providers is facilitated by the nutritionist or counselor either in person or over the phone. 

We expect our patients to register with us by paying a one-time fee of $30.00, whereby they become a patient and HVC is then informed if you are hospitalized for any reason. There is a toll-free number available for patients and physician/hospitals so we can be reached and assess the patient’s status and facilitate their holistic program including supplements in addition to the prescribed hospital or out-patient program and medication. 

Our approach is based on a one month intensive program with a holistic team concept that includes counseling both in person and over the phone, in-hospital visits by advocate as needed, coordination of a holistic program by advocate, supplement program, art therapy, and nutrition evaluation and consultations. Participants are encouraged to follow their holistic recovery program in addition to the prescribed course of treatment including taking their medication as they engage in personal wellness and development.  

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